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15# interactive multimedia, animated desktop wallpaper

Sets of values, arranged in rings, seek to be near all other similar values. Figure a. rings arrange themselves so that their color objects cluster into groups. The idea behind a process of this type is to illustrate the environment of relationships formed between groups of unique composition. We are all familiar with this behavior. People seek connections with others whom have common interests. Through these connections, they are unknowingly brought into a vast network of friends and associates. Attractor sets are unable to use their rotation as a method of fitting more precisely to their attractors. This is a known deficiency. As such, each grouping is randomly assigned a constant rotational velocity to keep things interesting.

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14# desktop game
interactive multimedia, animated desktop wallpaper

Objective: It's a very straight forward ball game. Hit the bricks to eliminate them all and move to the next level. You have to hit some bricks several times and from different directions to exterminate them. White bricks are not destroyable

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Recommended desktop sizes for "normal" (4:3) aspect ratio monitors:
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1680x1050 2520x1575 3360x2100 :: non standard widescreen ::

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Tips & Definitions:
Video game properties have had mixed success when migrating to the movies. One of the first films based on a video game property was The Wizard, which some criticized as a 90-minute ad for Super Mario Brothers 3. In the mid-90s, films for Super Mario Brothers, Street Fighter, Wing Commander and Mortal Kombat were released. Reviews have generally been poor. Despite the ultimately poor performance of these movies, many studios still want to turn big games into movies, hoping that the popularity of the game will help the movie. However, after the initial bunch, many projects materialized that were never finished, but the success of films like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider has led to more films materializing. Doom, a game which film makers were trying to cross over since the mid 90s is finally going into production. John Woo is also producing a movie on the popular Nintendo game, Metroid. However, there is still debate in the movie industry on whether video games can be turned into good, profitable movies. Films like Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, which has received mixed responses from audiences, with some saying it is a great movie, and others saying it is a very bad movie with excellent computer-generated imagery, but ultimately flopped in the box office, and Uwe Boll's House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark, which both ended up being horrible flops both in fan reactions and box office success and both ending up on the IMDB's bottom 100 movies, do not, in turn, give much confidence in whether these movies will be handled seriously. On the other hand, video games get much more success when adapted into cartoons/animes. Some notables examples of major success includes the various Mario Bros. cartoons, Sonic SatAM, Captain N: The Game Master and Earthworm Jim while Sonic Underground, the American Mega Man cartoon and 4Kids' dubs (although this isn't limited to their video game-based dubs) are cited as being poor. Sometime, they even "help" more obscure/Japan-only games pick up popularity in America although rarely; To Heart would be the best example of such thing.
Cordless telephone- A cordless telephone or portable telephone is a telephone with a wireless handset which communicates with a base station connected to a fixed telephone landline (POTS) via radio waves and can only be operated close to (typically less than 100 metres of) its base station, such as in and around the house. Unlike a standard telephone, a cordless telephone needs household mains electricity to power the base station. The cordless handset is powered by a battery which is recharged by the base station when the handset is connected to the base station when not in use. In the United States, there are four frequency bands which have been allocated by the Federal Communications Commission for use by cordless telephones. These are: 43-50 MHz 900 MHz 2.4 GHz 5.8 GHz See also Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) in Europe DCTS in North America mobile phone cordless phone A portable telephone that transmits to and receives signals from a base station within a range of a few hundred feet. Cordless phones differ from cellphones, which can be moved over vast geographical distances. See multihandset cordless, cellphone, DECT and PAN. cellphone (CELLular telePHONE) The first ubiquitous wireless telephone. Originally analog, all new cellular systems are digital, which has enabled the cellphone to turn into a smart phone that has access to the Internet. Digital cellphone systems are also offered in the PCS band, which is radio spectrum that was auctioned off by the U.S. government in the mid-1990s. Introduced in the mid 1980s, cellphone sales exploded worldwide in the 1990s. Major Carriers In the U.S., the major cellular carriers by total subscribers at the end of 2004, starting with the largest, are Cingular Wireless (formerly Cellular One and including AT&T Wireless), Verizon Wireless (formerly Bell Atlantic Mobile), Sprint Nextel (merger of Sprint and Nextel) and T-Mobile. The largest cellular company in the world is UK-based Vodaphone with 2003 revenues exceeding $60 billion. As of 2004, Vodaphone had a substantial ownership in Verizon Wireless. Cell Technology The concept behind a cellular system is that an area is divided into a number of slightly overlapping circular "cells." Each cell contains a base station, which is identifiable from its transmitting and receiving tower. The multiple cells combined with low power transmitters allow the same frequencies to be reused with different conversations in different cells within the same city or locale. The primary digital cellphone technologies are TDMA, CDMA and GSM. See AMPS, GSM, TDMA, CDMA, WAP, cellspace, smart phone and cordless phone.

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