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The animation segment of the website presents the Adobe Flash Platform which is the cross-media runtime for multimedia applications, mobile devices, and communication apps.
Our Flash movies such as animated desktops, interactive interfaces, etc. provide examples of e-learning development and training for effective motivation of students to learn digital skills.
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3D Menu System : Web design tools ; by

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3D Menu System: A cube with seperate cubes on each point. It rotates and incorprates physics. It reacts with your mouse when you click and drage in any direction. Its a very well done movie. Check that right now!.

This media may not function due to the script file disconnection. installation info

Interactive computer wallpapers, Rubber human
title: Rubber human
R: 4.11    views: 42984
Web design tools, Logo with menu
title: Logo with menu
R: 4.75    views: 25704
Interactive computer wallpapers, Scatter Effect on Mouse Trailors
title: Scatter Effect on Mouse Trailors
R: 4.58    views: 66672
Interactive computer wallpapers, Fogging Glass
title: Fogging Glass
R: 4.60    views: 39125

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title: 3D Menu System
description: A cube with seperate cubes on each point. It rotates and incorprates physics. It reacts with your mouse when you click and drage in any direction. Its a very well done movie. Check that right now!

category: Web design tools
submitted by:
added/updated: Mar 29th, 2008

total views: 39234    this month views: 32    today views: 1

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Media key tags: Cube rotate mouse click 3d animation animated flash interactive macromedia web tool.
Adobe Flash Platform

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Christine Espiritu / Phillipines / Oct 1st, 2012

What is the Code for this ? I just need it in our computer proj. plssss. Reply ASAP

Michael / United States / Feb 11th, 2011

What do i need to make this my desktop? How do I make this my desktop?

Johny b Good / Botswana / May 25th, 2010

My fellow posters this 3D menu was made with Adobe/Macromedia FLASH Software... if you download it, you will see the files inside the ZIP (.swf and .fla) peace out

sanjeev / India / Apr 21st, 2010

this is good but i am unable to download it....

Anand / India / Apr 15th, 2010

how can i use this wall paper foe website? please send me the source code or .SWf file.

Adnan / Bahrain / Dec 8th, 2009

very good, good job man!, well i wanna know which software you used. Thanks. my email is (

fabian / Argentina / Feb 16th, 2009

muy bueno"gracias

ardian / Albania / May 29th, 2008

Hello, very very good 3d menu i like it nice job can you tell me the program that you made it my email add is

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