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The animation segment of the website presents the Adobe Flash Platform which is the cross-media runtime for multimedia applications, mobile devices, and communication apps.
Our Flash movies such as animated desktops, interactive interfaces, etc. provide examples of e-learning development and training for effective motivation of students to learn digital skills.
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Link Exchange

Ground Rules:
3D 2D art, graphic design, fine art, and digital art related websites only. Irrelevant websites would be deleted. This automated banners and links exchange list positions your banner accordingly the highest amount of 'In' clicks. List's banner (counting code) will be provided during your submission. Please make your reciprocal banner ad as informative as possible.
'In' clicks - total number of times our banner has been clicked on your site.
'Out' clicks - number of times a unique visitor has visited your site from this page.
If you made a mistake or want to change your info, send us a brief e-mail.

We reserve the right to delete any banners that do not respect the following conditions. Banners and links have to be related to fine art and may not contain pornographic, racist, and illegal or hatred material. Sites that do not have a link back to the list will be deleted as well. IP matching - any person found cheating on this site will be immediately banned.

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Studio Treasure
Studio Treasure
Find useful tips and ideas for decorating living rooms with artwork of all shapes and sizes at
Prints, posters, gifts.
Prints, posters, gifts.
Choose from Anime, CGI, Comics, Dark, Digital, Fantasy, Food, Fractal, Fun, Games, Holidays, Christmas, Halloween, Man Made, Military, Movies, Multi Monitor, Music, Pattern, Products, Religious, SciFi, Women, Movies.
Free E-Cards Online
Free E-Cards Online
A collection of free electronic greeting cards featuring original artwork by artists around the world.
Banks Ratings Online Banking US Bank Reviews
Bank of America best American banks online services, US bank reviews, best online banking, top American bank ratings, checking savings accounts.
Tronitec Game Studios
Tronitec Game Studios
Tronitec Game Studios is a company mastering in the art of game design and game asset creation. Check out our collection of top quality game assets all made for real-time applications.
Lost Legend Atlantida
World mystery, In academia, the Atlantis story is seen as one of the many myths Plato incorporated into his work for stylistic reasons
RealEstateInvest US
RealEstateInvest US
INTERARTCENTER L.L.C. is a Naples FL based firm that will provide real estate development and possible rental services to customers in its targeted Lee, Collier County, Bonita Springs, and Marco Island area markets.
Modern online gallery
Modern fine-art media online gallery
эзотерический сюрреализм
Само-Реинкарнация и Регрессия в Прошлые Жизни мы вспоминаем как сон, видение, фантазию, иногда при помощи гипноза

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