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The animation segment of the website presents the Adobe Flash Platform which is the cross-media runtime for multimedia applications, mobile devices, and communication apps.
Our Flash movies such as animated desktops, interactive interfaces, etc. provide examples of e-learning development and training for effective motivation of students to learn digital skills.
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Game design play, ASTEROID FIELD
A classical shooter game. Shoot down all of the asteroids before they hit your ship. Use your mouse to aim and spacebar to fire. Of you hit 50 times the game will end.

    R: 4.67     views: 7883
Game design play
Web design tools, Moon crow landscape
Moon crow landscape
Random crow movements, crow, bird, animal, black, branch, cloud, contrast, creepy, crow, desert, eerie, profile, raven, resting, sun, wildlife fly, flight, wing, wings, sky, blue, cloud, clouds, silhouette, skies, nature, natural

    R: 4.33     views: 7873
Web design tools

ASTEROID FIELD: A classical shooter game. Shoot down all of the asteroids before they hit your ship. Use your mouse to aim and spacebar to fire. Of you hit 50 times the game will end. .

Game design play, Driving skills test game
Driving skills test game
This is a simple, single player game. Use your arrow keys to race your car, try to finish the loop as quick as possible. modern flash wallpaper, desktop games can be used as stand alone applications as well.

    R: 0.00     views: 7860
Game design play
Game design play, R-Type Game
R-Type Game
The side-scrolling space shooter certainly seems to be the genre du jour for the Wii Virtual Console service right now. It's great to see a long-abandoned genre get another day in the sun, but if you didn't play these old console games back when t...

    R: 5.00     views: 7860
Game design play

Interactive computer wallpapers, Calendar 2 (birthday picker)
Calendar 2 (birthday picker)
A 3D model of a cool looking calendar. Easy to use menu and a creative appearance will make it your favourite one. Free multimedia digital design software download, editing full software downloads , Check it out now!

    R: 0.00     views: 7471
Interactive computer wallpapers
Game design play, Extreme Racing
Extreme Racing
Simulation style racing games strive to convincingly replicate the handling of an automobile. They often license real cars or racing leagues, but will use fantasy cars built to resemble real ones if unable to acquire them.Although these racing sim...

    R: 5.00     views: 7465
Game design play
Adobe Flash Platform

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