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The animation segment of the website presents the Adobe Flash Platform which is the cross-media runtime for multimedia applications, mobile devices, and communication apps.
Our Flash movies such as animated desktops, interactive interfaces, etc. provide examples of e-learning development and training for effective motivation of students to learn digital skills.
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Interactive computer wallpapers, Animated fire and smoke cursor
Animated fire and smoke cursor
Simple Animated fire and smoke cursor - move your cursor over the movie window to see the smoke effect. Crack up visitors to your myspace with these animated cursors movie.

    R: 4.86     views: 96
Interactive computer wallpapers
Calendars, templates, themes, Christmas decor calendar
Christmas decor calendar
Real-time and date calendar. An extremeley popular 2008+ interactive online advent Christmas decor calendar for all ages - Find out how christmas is celebrated around the world. Calendar freeware downloads Free Online daily monthly yearly perpetu...

    R: 4.58     views: 90
Calendars, templates, themes

Animated fire and smoke cursor: Simple Animated fire and smoke cursor - move your cursor over the movie window to see the smoke effect. Crack up visitors to your myspace with these animated cursors movie..

Animated desktop wallpapers, The Wrench Who Stole Christmas
The Wrench Who Stole Christmas
A nice and funny animated cartoon about a little creature named Wrench who is trying to steel the Chritmas holiday. It is a MUST watch thingy. See yourself!

    R: 2.33     views: 88
Animated desktop wallpapers
Desktop clocks, timers, Atomic bomb clock
Atomic bomb clock
Atomic bomb like looking clock for your computer desktop. This Real-time timer cannot be stretched or modified to any desirable or unlimited size due to its pixel nature. Can be used for standard, widescreen or other non-standard computer display ...

    R: 3.80     views: 86
Desktop clocks, timers

Desktop clocks, timers, Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock
This is the version of Ryan's Alarm Clock. It has a snooze feature! The time display is now in 24-hour (army) time (eg: 6:00 pm is 18:00, no am/pm). There's the usual alarm on/off and silence button. When the alarm is not ringing and not in settin...

    R: 3.70     views: 85
Desktop clocks, timers
Game design play, Ultimate billiards gaming
Ultimate billiards gaming
Clear the pool table before time runs out and Don't Scratch! Try to complete all 10 levels. Play pool online, 8-ball billiards, 9-ball billiards, straight pool, high score contest pool. Great free games.

    R: 4.54     views: 84
Game design play
Adobe Flash Platform

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